Firefox: Enable or disable Add-ons or Plugins

Add-ons or Plugins are used to extend Firefox’s functionality. Firefox allows to enable or disable installed plugins through its “Add-ons Manager”.

This article explains the steps to enable or disable Add-ons.

Step (1). Open Mozilla Firefox browser application.

Step (2). Click on Firefox icon which is on top left corner of the window. Firefox will display a pull-down menu.

Mozilla Firefox menu

Mozilla Firefox menu

Step (3). From Firefox menu, click on “Add-on” menu item. Firefox will display “Add-ons Manager” page.

Mozilla Firefox - "Add-ons manager" page

Mozilla Firefox – “Add-ons manager” page

Step (4). Click in Plugins tab from left side of the page. Firefox displays the list of Plugins installed on right side of the page.

Step (5). Select the plugin you want to enable or disable and click on the combo-box which is next to the plugin. Select the value Always Activate to enable the plugin. By selecting Never Activate value, you can disable the plugin. Ask to Activate will prompt you before activating the plugin.

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