IIS 7: Start or Stop Internet Information Services (IIS Web Server)

IIS 7 Web Server (Internet Information Services) Manager provides easy to use interface to manage IIS Web Server.

This article explains the steps to start or stop IIS 7 Web Server on Windows 7 Operating System.

Step (1). Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager application. It will open three panes in the IIS 7 manager window.

IIS 7 - Web Server  Manager window

IIS 7 – Web Server Manager window

  • Left side pane is the Connection pane, it will display list of connections made with IIS 7 manager.
  • Middle pane is used to display selected item’s features or content.
  • Right side pane is the Actions pane, it will display the list of actions to manage the server and Deploy options.

Step (2). From Actions pane:

IIS 7 - Actions pane

IIS 7 – Actions pane

  • Click on Start action from Actions pane to start the Web Server. Or
  • Click on Stop action to stop the Web Server.

Step (3). Open web-browser and type localhost in address bar.

  • If IIS Web Server is running, web-browser will display IIS 7 web-page.
  • If IIS is stopped, it will display “HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.” message.

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