How to display list of modules used in EXEs?

Windows based applications usually developed based on the DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries). These libraries will load into the memory when we run the EXE (Executable) file. Some times it is required to know the list of modules/DLLs loaded by the running executable. The following steps explains how we can see the list of modules used in EXEs.

This article applies to:

  • Windows Operating System(s).

Step (1). Open the command prompt window.

Step (2). Type the below command at command prompt.

tasklist /m | more

Above command will display all currently running programs along with their modules.

Step (3). The command displays the list of running tasks page wise (because we use more command to display the result page wise). So you have to press space-bar to see the other tasks. Task name will display under “Image Name” column and Process Id will display under “PID” column. In “Modules” column, it will display all the modules loaded by the particular task/EXE.

How to display list of modules used in EXEs?

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