Outlook – Manage Quick Steps

Outlook allows to manage Quick Steps to delete, edit or re-arrange Quick Steps. So, that you can keep your favorite Quick Steps in the Quick Steps group for quickly access.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010

Step 1. Open Microsoft Outlook application.

Step 2. Click on Home tab and look for “Quick Steps” group.

Microsoft Outlook - Manage Quick Steps icon
Microsoft Outlook – Manage Quick Steps icon

Step 3. Click on the small icon (Manage Quick Steps) which is bottom right corner of “Quick Steps” group. Outlook will display “Manage Quick Steps” dialog to allow to manage Quick Steps.

Microsoft Outlook - "Manage Quick Steps" dialog
Microsoft Outlook – “Manage Quick Steps” dialog

Step 4. “Manage Quick Steps” dialog will display list of Quick Steps in left side and selected Quick Step’s description in right side.

  • To rearrange Quick Steps, click on Move Up or Move Down buttons which are displayed bottom of the Quick Steps list.
  • You can also create new Quick Steps by clicking on New button.
  • On clicking on Edit button, it will open “Edit Quick Step” dialog to allow you to edit the selected Quick Step.
  • Outlook allows to duplicate Quick Steps. Click on Duplicate button to create a Quick Step from selected Quick Step. It will open “Edit Quick Step” dialog to allow you to modify the Quick Step.
  • To delete the Quick Step, click on Delete button.

Step 5. Once you are done with Quick Steps, click on OK button to close the dialog.

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