PowerShell – How to unzip files?

In our previous article, we have discussed about zip / compress the selected files or directories using PowerShell Compress-Archive cmdlet. Through this article, we are going to discuss how to unzip the zipped files. Expand-Archive cmdlet – Unzip files from Archived file(s) PowerShell provides Expand-Archive cmdlet to unzip the zipped files. Through its -Path argument […]

Powershell – How to zip / compress / archive selected files or directories?

Windows PowerShell provides commands to zip (compress) and unzip the files. Through this article, we are going to discuss the PowerShell command to zip the selected files or directories. Compress-Archive cmdlet – Compress / Zip / Archive the selected files or directories PowerShell provides Compress-Archive cmdlet, to archive the specified files or directories. We can […]

Microsoft Visio – How to enable or disable hardware graphics acceleration?

Hardware acceleration is used to improve the performance, to enable to use the hardware for particular tasks instead of performing the tasks through a software. Hardware graphics acceleration is used to perform the graphics related activities through the hardware; instead of the software. Microsoft Office applications use hardware acceleration to enable to improve the performance […]

Load Balancing Pattern – Understanding the mechanism of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

As information technology grows, and for that raison cloud computing has emerged as a main option for developers in developing a high-performance applications. Throughout time cloud technology has known an increased use of cloud infrastructure which led to implementing a load balancing mechanism in order to optimize the use of resources and improve performance for […]

Microservices – Understanding Microservices Architecture

In this article, we’re going to discuss; the Microservices Architecture, compare Monolithic vs Microservices Architectures and learn when to opt for a Microservices Architecture. But, before start this topic, I want to shed some light on the Layered Architecture. What’s a Layered Architecture? Layered Architecture is a pattern used to build web applications despite of […]

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